©2019 by Liam Lubitz.

New Jersey, USA

Finished Productions


Moving Out

A project to experiment with lighting, making textures, and UV mapping my own objects for the goal of realism.

Steampunk Chess

I was prompted to 3D model "a chess board and pieces in the style of 'steampunk' and animate a conflict with the pieces.

Do You Floss?

60 second explainer video made in After Effects on the benefits of flossing your teeth.

Nutrition App Mock-up

A project about how to design a basic mock-up for a phone app with prompt "A nutrition app for kids".

Oh No! Where's My Glasses!?

This project is an idea that i got from a twitter thread. When I was prompted to make a video game opening, I thought it would be a fun concept to bring to life!

Work it Out

An short animation based off of my sister's dog and how whenever anybody tries to work out around him, he bothers them to the point where they have to stop.

New York City Graveyard

Final project for a Maya 1 modeling class. All monochrome textures except for lights

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