About Liam

      I’ve grown up always wanting to tell stories (other’s and my own) though a forms of animation or other mediums. My dad used to make stop motion videos when he was a kid, but with old film technology and my sister made some stop motion videos when she was in high school. This always sparked my interests to create.

There is not one big movie that you see nowadays without at least one person working in CGI or special effects. I have the motivation to apply myself to whatever job I’m put towards, big or small. I go by that saying “treat every job like your dream job” because I truly think that if you try your best at every aspect of life and keep doing so, there is no going wrong and you’ll only feel, and be accomplished.

     I have an associates degree in 3D animation and Digital Design. This degree went over many things but mainly taught proficiency in Maya, Adobe Creative Suite, Zbrush, and some Cinema 4D.

      If you follow my blog posts, you'll see that I have no intentions to stop learning despite being done with school. In fact, I don't think it's possible for me to stop learning or wanting to try new things. That's just how creators are.

---Liam Lubitz

©2019 by Liam Lubitz.

New Jersey, USA

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